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I decided to declutter my workspace:
I love to tinker and had many devices and instruments, that I needed to fetch from my drawer, and connect them individually whenever I needed them, ending up with a really messy workspace full of power adapters and wires running everywhere.

So I decided to step back and take a day to declutter everything and put my devices together, sharing the power supply whenever it makes sense in a stack of two boxes only containing most of all my devices in a convenient way for an everyday use:

The lower Box contains:
-1 x 24V-5A mains adapter from an older laptop feeding
-1 x DPS3005 digital power supply 0...23V 5A for 90% of my power supply reqirements (see my other post for a more powerful PS-box).
-1 x T12 temperature controlled soldering iron (Hakko clone)
-1 x buck converter 24V to 19V

The 230 V from my mains comes with earthing, which is connected over a 68K resistor to the yellow ESD protection banana socket.
The 24V from the mains adapter is going to a pair of banana sockets (green and black) from there it feeds the electronic power supply, the soldering iron, and the buck converter.

The output of the digital power supply goes to a pair of banana sockets red and black and the output of the buck converter goes to a barrel socket ( this one can be used to charge a notebook, my hand-vacuum cleaner and it feeds my Dremel grinding tool. )

The upper Box contains
1 x 5V 3A mains adapter from a salvaged device ( can't remember what it was)
1 x DSO 201 pocket oscilloscope (cheap, but it bitterly lacked an AC-DC switch)
- enough empty room to store the probes and cables.

The 5V goes to a pair of a banana sockets and to a USB socket to charge various devices.
It also feeds over a mini-USB plug the DSO 201 (removable) mini oscilloscope, that is fixed onto the box with Velcro pads.
This el cheapo oscilloscope was 3 years ago the best budget buy if your needs are not that high.
It is still OK, but bitterly lacks an AC/DC switch, which I have now in that box: Its MCX probe input goes over an AC/DC switch to a decent BNC socket to use a regular oscilloscope probe.
The same signal goes also to a pair of banana sockets, that enables connecting a multimeter so I can simultaneously measure the DC level with a multimeter and get an AC-decoupled picture of the signal over the oscilloscope.

Last but not least: The power supply from the lower box is earthed, but the instruments of the upper box are floating, so I will not get weird ground loops.

I now have a really decluttered maker-workspace and have practically all my daily used instruments always ready in a minimum of space.


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I did the same a few days ago also lol
Still have to finish my solar system I'm building under my desk though haha (totally don't just keep putting it off as I need to balance my 4 272Ah cells lol)