Site planning and mounts


Solar Enthusiast
Have been reading about locating and mounting. Please critique, open to any and all ideas.

- Determined the actual Solar South & tilt angle options for the Lat & Lon 28.50, -81.64
- Printed out a “Sun chart”. (Still not exactly sure how to use the data to establish the optimum array location in the yard.)
- Located in the part of Florida that the GHSI map shows 5.00-5.25, thus 5440 watt-hours per day.
- Started preparing site by removing shade sources - the trees w/ red “”X” are gone now.
Still more sources of shade, but they are East, and have no effect after 9 or 10am.
Chain saws are still hungry, however.
- Ground mount, there is no actual “soil” here, it is locally known as “Sugar Sand”, composed of quartzite.
Pour a gallon of water on it and the water disappears immediately. Weird.
I am planning on using some number of large “ground screws” to anchor the frame.

The Panasonic VBHN340SA17 installation manual shows the mount point that provides the maximum
strength for wind load, “L2”, I am using that mount point.
Planning on vertical orientation, 8 panels in a row will be about 28’ long.
The bottom of the panels will be about 18” from ground level.

Making the frame out of Aluminum rectangular box tube, probably 2”x4”.
I’ll TIG weld it all together.

Need to design the mounting/pivot so as to lower it all as flat and near the ground as possible for hurricanes.
Or possibly just dismount all 8 panels and store them inside until the storm passes.

Or is there a commercial mounting system I should look at instead?