SMA increased self-consumption with backup power configuration


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I have installed an SMA Sunny Island 8 running in battery backup with increased self-consumption mode with a Sunny Home Manager 2.0 that acts as
an energy meter. It's dead winter here at the moment with practically no sun available so I'm using grid power basically. But there are complications related to my limited grid connection: I can only pull 10A from the grid. Hence my questions:
  1. Can you configure the sunny island (SI) to charge batteries from the grid only when there are no other loads connected (to limit grid pull usage to 10A). I can configure it to do timed charging but it would be way more convenient to make it also dependant on available power -- SI has this information from the SHM. I figure that if I reconfigured the network into off-grid mode the SI would basically do this automatically (where grid is connected as a generator).
  2. Can you configure the SI to only provide power when the external power draw is above some threshold. So basically to extend my locally available maximum power. Right now it tries to keep external power draw to 0W. I'd be interested in tapping anything below 1kw from the grid but above that I would like the SI to kick in to help.
Unfortunately SMA documentation and support are extremely poor (or nonexistant really) -- they only talk to professional installers. There are a million configuration options with no documentation and I can't tell if any of them could help me to solve these problems.

Edit: apologies, it seems I've written into a wrong section. Perhaps the mods can move this post to its proper place.
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