Small system to charge Ryobi 40v batteries for lawn equipment


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I am new to the Forum, there is lots of information here. I am probably looking to do something someone else has already asked.

I have a tool shed about 20 feet out my backdoor that has no power.
I currently charge my Ryobi batteries in the garage.
I want to move the charging to the shed and was thinking it would be a small system to charge the batteries and maybe power some LED lights.

Where do I start?

Thank you and sorry for such broad question.


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Hello and welcome. You can find myriads of premade systems with the solar panels, a charge controller and some type of inverter. Based on your needs something small will do just fine. In my own opinion, I would steer clear of the Harbor Freight and Renogy offerings and get a small package from solar dealers.


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Yes in watts. You need a smallish system, and you could add an additional battery to a kit if needed.

I'm not endorsing any reseller, just saying that these folks have been in the business for a long time and I've had great experiences in dealing with them.

You can search for small systems for cabins and RV / Boat storage etc

If you buy a small system designed to be portable it might be multipurpose for you.