SmartSolar 150/45tr


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May 22, 2021
Hi all,
I currently have three Hanwha Q peak 350 watt panels connected in series with a second set connected in series both then connected in parallel. My charge controller is a Victron SmartSolar 150/45tr. It is not working as I thought it should. My thought is that I have to many panels, total wattage of 2160, for the Charge controller. If I remove one panel from each string I would be more within the spec's. Could this be the cause of my problems. It does not go into charge mode.


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Oct 26, 2021
150/45 means

PV 150Voc hard limit (need to allow overhead for cold temps).
45A max current to the battery.

45 * 14.5 = 652W to 12V system
45 * 29 = 1305W to a 24V system
45 * 58 = 2610W to a 48V system

If those panels are 72 cell panels with a Voc in the mid to high 40's, they should be placed 2S. If they are 60 cell panels with a Voc of 35-40V, they're fine.

You will only get rated power in perfect conditions - summer solstice, high noon, completely clear skies, panels perfectly perpendicular to the sun, panels at a cool 77°F.

If you mounts these flat on the roof of an RV at this time of year (winter), you'll be lucky to get 30-40% of rated.

Check the NOCT rating for your panels. That's more realistic.