Solar Assistant - any way to get last error number out of MPP Solar inverter?


Hacker at heart
Apr 29, 2022
Wilder, Idaho
Anyone know of a way to get the last error code thrown by any inverter via MQTT? I have home assistant working very well, but I don't see error codes exported in any objects...
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I've never seen any error, fault, warning or status code data for my clone PIP4048HS reported in Solar Assistant, so I'd be surprised if any was going to available to be passed through to Home Assistant (and I have no such entities available there either).

But it's an interesting thought as having fault codes in HA would enable some automations/actions, or at least a remote warning to be triggered.

I vaguely recall WatchPower having a fault code recording mode, which suggests it's possible, just not available in SA.
I put an MQTT scope on all messages coming from Solar Assistant and there are no error messages anywhere. There is a "fault" mode but that's it.