Solar Branch Connectors


DC Addict
Solar System Components: 4x 12V Renogy Eclipse 100W panels, a GoWise 1000W inverter, an EPEVER 40A SCC, and 3X WindyNation 100Ah AGM Lead Acid batteries.

I have a 1994 Chevy Surburban 1500 4WD that I've converted into a camper internally, and I've been using my solar setup inside for a while and its worked well, but I want to add a 5th panel to the roof.
I know that branch connector cables are often 10-12 AWG, and are rated for 30A.
My issue is that I've been able to get away with using branch connectors with just 4 of my panels without any issues, as I never receive exactly 100% output from my array for it to hit its 33.3A, due to the sun's average irradiance where I live. Adding this 5th panel to the roof will certainly be entering truly dangerous territory, continuing to use branch connectors as it will be around 41 amps nominal...

Should I use a combiner box? I am averse to doing this because I have no extra room on the roof of the vehicle for the box to mount, and I want to avoid drilling holes by most any means possible. I currently run the branch extension cable through the weather seal of the back door, works fine as of now. The wires coming out of the back of the panels are too short without a branch extension cable... So, if I did do a combiner box somehow inside the vehicle, would I need to make extension wires for each of the panels so they can reach down inside of the vehicle, and won't this lower their efficiency slightly as the wire run from the panel towards the front would exceed 8 feet?
And if I did have do it this way, how could I somehow clean up the wires and not have it just be an absolute mess up there?

I've heard about wiring panels in series-parallel, but I really don't want to do that if I can help it.​