Solar Configuration and Batteries expansion


New Member
Feb 3, 2022

I am planning the setup for solar system at our shared family building. The building consists of 3 apartments, they will all share the following configuration

  • Inverter, 16.8kw Voltronic Infinisolar V IV hybrid on-grid inverter, 3 in parallel, 5.6 kw each
  • PV, 10kw, 20 panels, 500w each.
  • Batteries, Lifepo4, 5kwh only, Growatt brand

In my country the grid is not stable, comes around 3 to 10 hours daily randomly, I should rely on batteries to get power in the evening time.

I understand 5kwh is very low, I may need 10 times this capacity to power the 3 apartments at night time to get around 1300w per hour for every apartment over 12 hours at night

My questions is, if I start with this configuration, can I add later after 1 or 2 years additional batteries? the batteries system accepts parallel but after 1 year or 2 years, old batteries performance may downgrade and become not convenient to hook in parallel with other similar units?

After 2 year, if I don’t find the same brand&model of batteries, is there a way I can configure other brands and models of the batteries to the 3 inverters? Can I connect the new batteries independently to one of the inverters? Or once the inverters are in parallel then everything (AC Output, PV and Batteries) should all be in parallel?

I appreciate your comments and thoughts on all points.