Solar Generator Portable Dolly for camp and job site


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Sep 20, 2019
Key Largo
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Nicely done! Do you have a circuit schematic? Did you run most of the wires through the back? What circuit breakers did you use?
Is that an AM/FM radio in the top or something else?


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Oct 27, 2021
Thanks. I don't have a circuit schematic to offer up. It's a pretty simple system though. Actually all the wiring is on the front, mostly tucked into corners and such. There are two sections to this. The bottom section that is the batt, the inverter with power strip and the charge controller. And the top section that is all the accessories: battery chargers that plug into the power strip, and all the 12V accessories with a disconnect to the charge controller. Each board/panel is just strapped to the dolly. That way I can remove things from the system if needed and change things if needed. I don't have any circuit breakers, I need to add some really. The am/fm radio, Bluetooth and video system (via micro sd card) has it own fuse, as do the 12v receptacles.