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Solar maintainer/charger recommendation needed


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Mar 26, 2024
South Dakota
Looking for a recommendation on a solar maintainer charger that can be permanently mounted on a cargo trailer roof.

This would be for a trailer for our scout trailer. I’d like to install a 12v battery to run interior lights and a power point that could be used to charge cell phones ect. During weekend and week long campouts.

This trailer will sit untouched for a month at a time in the summer and longer in the winter. Wiring it into the charge circuit of the tow vehicle is an option but not all the vehicles that pull this trailer will be wired for it, and my experience tells me that the battery won’t likely survive the winter on its one.

I’d like a unit I can permanently mount on the roof without worrying about it. I don’t really want to build a full blown system for this as it is such a limited use and demand. It really just needs to keep a battery alive with periods of non use.

Any suggestions?
Auto supply stores have small maintainer panels for 12v batteries. They usually come with alligator clips for the battery or a cigarette lighter plug.
No controller needed for such low wattage.
Thanks for the reply. I’ve looked at some of them but the ones I’ve seen don’t seem to be well suited to a permanent installation.

If you know of a particular one that would work, I’d be interested in a link.
True, they are intended to sit on the dash under the windshield. But for $20 I'd go ahead and try anyway. They seem pretty weatherproof.
I'm in Canada but the stuff is all chinese.