Solar / marine battery pump to feed a strawberry tower - help


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I have a 4' 12" diameter PVC tube in which I'm planting strawberries in a non-soil mix. They will *not* survive on a twice daily watering in hot NJ summers (believe me, this is attempt 3 to make it work).

The pump needs to be reasonably low power and have a 4' lift. I've found cheap ones from China that are .3 amps @ 12 v (4.6 watts, right?)

I'm considering putting the tube in a large 20" planter filled with water along with the dc submersible pump described above. I'd connect the pump to a 12 volt deep cycle marine battery.

The timer I'm looking at is JVR 12V Timer Switch Programmable Digital 12 Volt DC/AC/Solar Battery Powered which I can get from the rainforest named company.

I'd prefer not having to connect a trickle charger to the battery - hence the solar aspect.

The timer will obviously draw whatever power it draws; the pump will be on for 20 minutes, 12 times a day (240 minutes or 4 hours). In my non-electric unstanding mind, I *think* this means that I will draw (without factoring in the timer's draw) 18.4 amps each day - 4.6 watts * 4 hours.

Q1: Is my calc correct on the pump - 12v @ 300 milli amp is 4.6 watts while it runs correct?
Q2: Forgetting about the timer, am I using 18.4 amps per day (is that even the right nomenclature)?
Q3: How large a marine battery do I need to keep this running (I would assume ANY)?
Q4: What size/output panel and controller do I need to keep the battery reasonably topped off (ie the pump needs to run even on overcast days, and I can't have the battery run dry (so to speak))
Q5: Any suggestions on a reasonable marine battery
Q6: Any suggestions on a reasonable panel/controller for my needs?

Thanks so much guys. I *could* connect a battery powered timer to a hose - but this 'solution' appeals to me if I can keep it cheap.


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