Solar newbie RV system critique wanted


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Aug 27, 2021
I'm new to the solar world which makes it a good idea to get some experienced critique on my initial draft. I have a travel trailer I would like to be fitted with some solar.
The end goal is 1600W (eight 200W panels) with two 200AH 24V batteries. Daily consumption is expected to be about 3000W per day.

We currently have an onboard 4000W generator. "Shore" power is 30 amp. I would like to place an automatic transfer switch between the generator and shore power.

I would like to have the AC out 2 from the Multiplus powering another 30 amp outlet. The thought is that others can plug into this outlet to use the generator if needed.

I am also planning to have a 24V DC panel for some additional things.

I am at the point of sizing wires, fuses, etc but would like some honest critique of my thoughts.

I hope this all makes sense. Thank you in advance for you time.

Equipment I am looking at:
-Big Battery 202AH 24V batteries (2)
-Victron Lynx Shunt
-Victron Lynx Distributor
-Victron Multiplus 24/3000/70
-(8) RIch 200W 24V solar panels OR (8) Hightec 200W 12V solar panels. 4 pair of series panels in parallel.
-Victron MPPT 150-100 solar charge controller (I found one for 30% off so already bought it)
-Victron Orion 24/12-70
-Victron Cerbo GX
-Victron GX Touch 50

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