Solar panel opinions appreciated


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I am considering a solar shed. My current shed needs updating and I am considering redoing the roof on one side to allow a proper slope to place solar panels on.

I looked at the used solar panels Will suggested. They look good. However, when I contacted the supplier the "black" panel I was hoping for did not have the appearance I would like.

I live in a neighborhood and while the shed is set back from the street, the panels would be visible. I like the black look since it would help it blend into the black shingles I will be using.

So far I am intrigued with 2 options. Opinions and suggestions as always are appreciated. I am still in the system planning phase.



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Have you checked your local Craigslist? You might find what you're looking for close to you so you can go and pick them up yourself (avoiding possible shipping damage) and get a much better price.


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I always say look for other people upgrading their solar systems.

New systems are often sold as a package and the upgrade process usually includes removing the old panels and those people are often trying to get rid of them for cheap, usually nothing wrong with them.


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Craigs list is one of the first places I tried. Nothing worthwhile showing up for 100 miles around
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Given that you never seem to get the 'rated' wattage out of a PV panel for a variety of reasons (angle, partial shade, hazy sunshine, atmos pollution etc), maybe consider the highest wattage panel you can find. Your shed roof dimensions place a limit on how many panels you can install. 340W panels may be cheaper than 500W, but those extra watts might make a difference to your installation.


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I have the 425w version of the Q cell duo. I paid 187 delivered so I'd shop around. I'm happy with them and they are black except for the frame.