solar panel roll spacing


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i am building a small system in mid michigan 42 panels total my plan is two rows 21 panels a row 4x4x8's in the ground 4 foot front row and 4x4x12's for the rear legs 60 degrees tilt facing south i have the two rows marked 12' apart its there a good was to figure out if i am going to have any shading issues? i was told 12 foot it too far but i think its going to be too close , the plan is to have the front about 4' off the ground and the rear will be what ever 60 degrees ends up at. i am running 1"pipe horizontal with uni strut vertical to bolt the panels to and laying the panels down so the wall will be 3 high totaling ten foot tall . my brain got erased so i am a bit handicap in the thinking area thanks for your time!


Here's a calculator you can plug your dimensions into:

Just for grins, I plugged in 65" for the length of the panel, 60° tilt of the panel and left the sun angle at 30°. It says the spacing needs to be at least 97.5". If you have 12' between your rows, I think you have plenty of room. But it depends on the sun angle you expect to have.