Solar water irrigation system


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Please forgive my lack of knowledge. I have a remote property that is far from electric and well. I do have a pond next to an area that I would like to add fruit tree. Was thinking of putting together a solar system that I can use to irrigate the trees. At first it would be 20-30 trees and then expand up to 50. I have been looking at which is a dc pump with solar panels and controller. I was planning on using this in the pond. The water needs to go up 25 -30 ft max and then the trees are all within 200 ft of pump. The issue that I'm struggling with is how I can get the irrigation valves to open up and be on the same system as the pump. I Know I can get solar controllers for irrigation valve such as That should open the valves but obviously the motor and the valves aren't controlled together. I know I am missing something and might be overthinking this. Any help will be appreciated. I am a total newbie but have been reading for months before asking for help.


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RPS uses off-the-shelf AC pumps. Their controller converts the PV DC to AC. RPS seems to be pretty reputable, and I would certainly consider them as a turnkey solution.

The pump tends to work to fill above ground storage based on float level. Low tank, pump on; full tank, pump off. From there you're limited to gravity feed or a secondary pressure system like a jet pump/pressure tank. That would need a separate power system.

You might be able to make the RPS work as part of a pressure tank system, i.e., a pressure tank holds a smaller quantity of water at 65psi. When it drops below 45psi, the pump is commanded on to maintain the pressure in the tank. Shut off at 65psi.

I recommend you contact RPS for options. It's unlikely you're the first to want something like this, so I bet they have some ideas that help you avoid a second pump and second power system.


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Thank you both for the replies. Might end up running either 700 ft of electrical wire and add a new pump and pump from pond or just run water lines from the well. I can probably have a fairly straight path to where I would like to bring the water and with a ditch witch probably can knock it out in a day.