Solar Wifi in remote area


New Member
Sep 29, 2021
I'm trying to put together best plan to create wifi network for connected devices. There is no power AND no internet in the general area. Here is my plan:

1. get a cheap phone with cell service and data plan. i'd expect to run the phone 24/7 with personal hotspot/tethering on
2. connect that phone to wifi router. making an assumption that i can have success to extending the hotspot to the router
3. run both #1 and #2 above on a simple kit, inverter and agm battery
4. i'd mount everything and put equipment in weatherproof box. my battery/solar connected devices nearby the router would be connected. If need more, i could add an extender or mesh wifi for coverage over large area as needed

Anyway got a simpler, easier, more cost effective way to make this happen? thank you