Any experiences buying from solarbiz?
Ya, purchased a couple of Schneider items from them. Seem to have reasonable everyday pricing. Spoke to the owner Tom a while back, for an hour on the phone. He's been the business so long he could literally write an encyclopedia on the history of solar companies and people involved in the industry for the last 40 years.
Cool. Thank you. So for any support, I have to call Schneider or do they help out? Their prices are better than SS on xw pro
I haven't had any hardware related issues that required support as far as obtaining replacement parts, can't speak to that issue directly. I did have a menu configuration and set up conflict in the beginning. Turned out to be simple fix related to one of the settings. Having first called Schneider support at the published number and getting no where, I contacted Tom at Solarbiz and he gave me a phone number of someone to call. Turned out to be Eric Benston the lead applications engineer for Schneider Solar. Same guy who does many of the Schneider videos on YT. He had the answer in 30 seconds.
If our XW+ quit working tomorrow, I'd be purchasing the new XW Pro replacement from SolarBiz.