* SOLD * NEW Bluesun Solar 12K Hybrid Inverter functional comparable with Sol-Ark 12K


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Oct 19, 2021
Hi All,

I've available a brand new Bluesun Solar BSE8KH1NA 12K Hybrid Inverter for sale. The unit is brand new never installed and box is open for inspection of contents only. Two units were imported from Bluesun Solar (China) back in Feb 2022 via UPS Air Freight and US import tax paid. The first unit were successfully installed with Grid-Tie for backup purposes, a LFP Battery storage pack were installed via CAN Bus communication with the Inverter, powering the whole house off-grid after sun down. The unit offer for sale is an extra unit that were not needed. This 12K Hybrid inverter is fully UL Certified, UL Certificate of Compliance Number # SGSNA/18GZ/00180. This unit support true US Split-Phase 120V~240V and offer comparable functionality and specifications of a Sol-Ark 12K Inverter. This is the next best UL Certified inverter you can buy and install with Grid-Tie in the USA, now that Deye US version is NO LONGER available.

PV Input Data
. MAX PV DC Input Power 12KW
. 4 MPPT Tracker
. MPPT Range 120v~500V
. MAX DC Input Voltage 500V
. MAX Input Current 12A

Battery Input Data
. Nominal voltage 48V
. Max Charging/Discharging Current 190A/190A
. Battery Voltage Range 40V~60V
. Battery type Lithium (LFP) and Lead Acid
. Charging Strategy for LFP battery with Smart BMS communicating via CAN BUS

AC Output Data ~ On-Grid
. Nominal output power output to Grid 8KVA
. MAX Apparent Power output to Grid 8.8KWA
. Output Voltage Range 110V~120V/220V~240V US Split-Phase
. Output Frequency 50/60Hz (45hz to 54.9Hz / 55Hz to 65Hz

AC Output Data (Back-up Critical Load)
. Nominal Apparent Power Output 8KVA
. Nominal Output Voltage 120V/240V
. Nominal Output Frequency 60Hz

. MAX. Battery to Load Efficiency >=97.2%

A LINOTECH rebranded model are currently offered for sale for $3,699.00 at

I'm asking firm price is $2,650+Actual shipping of buyer's choice or free local pickup in Southern California. (This is a quick sale, at a lost of what I've paid for this unit)

Here's a Youtube video on the Inverter
(LFP with Smart BMS communication link via CAN BUS)

Thank you.

Attached PDF are the DataSheet, User Manual and UL Certification


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