[SOLD] open box Samsung INR18650 32E Cells (260 available, either new or very low cycle)


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Nov 24, 2021

Hello! These cells were packed into Ninebot battery packs that, according to the individual I purchased them from, were never used. They were incredibly difficult to extract; I really commend whoever designed this pack. That being considered, some cell wrappers sustained damage from the extraction. Please see photos for examples. I've removed all of the potting material aside from a little around the terminals, and 95% of the nickel on the terminals has been removed. No terminals have been sanded.

These are essentially new cells aside from having been spot welded and the wrapping imperfections. A batch of these was graded (true capacity test) by an Xtar VC8 Plus overnight:
  • First 4 cells tested at 3146, 3069, 3121, and 3086 mah. This is just slightly lower than expected, which could be the result of the cells having been in storage, or possibly the individual I bought these packs from was not entirely honest about their condition. Rated minimum capacity for this model is 3100 mah. The same cells are in the process of a second discharge test.
  • Cap test.jpeg
Cell: https://www.18650batterystore.com/c...-batteries/products/samsung-32e-18650-battery
Cell Datasheet: https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0...sung_32E_Specification_Sheet.pdf?v=1614810892

Number available: 260 (There are 4 packs of 90, one of which is pictured here; I'm keeping some of them)
Cost: $2.20 per cell, or $2.75 if buying less than 20. Location: Athens, GA, USA
  • If you'd like only cells with no sleeve damage, that can be an option for lower quantities (price will be higher).
Shipping method: will determine on a case by case basis depending on the quantity ordered and buyer's location.
Payment method: Paypal

Please let me know if you have any questions!


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Nov 24, 2021
Update: I have removed all cells with wrapper damage near the positive terminal, as well as any cells with a wrapper tear larger than a few millimeters in diameter and cells with multiple wrapper tears. The terminals have been further cleaned up. This leaves 250 cells in great condition, all so far have tested over 96% capacity (based on nominal cap), or 99% if based on the cell's rated minimum capacity of 3100 mah.

Asking $1.75 per cell, all in very good condition. Photo of representative set of cells included. Functionally, these are essentially new.

Additional cap test included, note that the far left cell is an example of one that has been pulled from the "for sale" group, as the wrapper damage was too significant.


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