[SOLVED] Okay to use 14s BMS on a 13s lithium-ion pack?


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I like this BMS from BatteryHookup but they're out of 13s lithium-ion models. Okay to use a 14s BMS?


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I purchased a 14s Overkill BMS very recently under the belief that my battery bank was LiFePO4... big newbie mistake documented here on this forum with little help or recognition from this board of my error (I own the mistake... but my assessment is true).

Luckily OverkillSolar has been responsive to my questions. Support staff recognized that the14s BMS I purchased was not compatible with Li-Ion cells and notified me that they do not have a compatible version.

From what I've learned of Li-Ion vs. LiFePO4 cells to this point is, although you can use them with solar, they are less safe, so whatever your decision, I recommend you proceed with caution (which it appears you already are).

I would look elsewhere if you're looking for answers to your question. Perhaps even your answer is available via the search feature. Best of luck to you, friend.


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a 14s BMS is going to have an issue with your missing (zero voltage) balance lead as it wants to "see" all 14 cells to decide if it should enable the outputs...it may shutdown and not even work. No idea what would happen but it sounds like a path best not travelled...


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That depends if it's a programmable smart BMS or a dumb BMS.

Your link mentions bluetooth so it's likely a smart BMS.

If it's programmable and you have access to the software, and if needed the password to change the cell count, then yes you can do that by telling it you have a 13s pack and it should work just fine.

Dumb BMS, it won't work as it sees the 14th cell at 0V.