Sorotec REVO II 5,5Kw


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Dear members,

For those who installed and running the Sorotec REVO II 5,5Kw, i would appreciate your feedback on the noise level (dB) of the machine.
Is it noisy? or is it only noisy when the fans are running (if so, how often do the fans run?)
If you can also post a video with sounds of a running machine, that would be great.



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I HAVE THE 3.2KW AND THE 5.5KW...THE FANS OF THE 5.5kw run more frequently..with or without any significant load..
i also noticed a huge disparity from battery load/dc and house load/ac. the fans run noisier when you have a big load running say above 700w

example..the battery load will be showing -345w, while the house load may be showing 856w...meanwhile i only have a 300w load running.
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If it helps, I made a post about how to make them silent.

I am at my phone now, hard to copy-paste the link.

They are now silent, even at 9000 watt processing.
(4500 solar 4500 inverter or so)
My laptop makes more noise 🙂

It did take some mods and 4 120mm high quality (and somewhat pricey) liquid baring fans.
Don't worry, the fans will last 30 years at full speed.
And they aren't running at full speed :)

Probably search on my name / posts, or Revo II or Silent wings 3 to find this thread.

good luck :)