Split phase inverter or not?


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Apr 15, 2022
I have a total off grid property in Mexico (120VAC 60Hz) and my batteries are close to the house, where the fridge is.

I need additional two more cable runs with max 10 amps use (250 feet and 150 feet)

I looked for the Growatt SPF 3000T LVM 48P which would be a good fit for me and my panel array.
It's 120VAC output with ~45 Watt idle consumption.

Then there is the Growatt SPF 6000T DVM which would give me the chance to upgrade my panel array in the future.
It's 120/240VAC split phase with ~ 100 Watt idle consumption.

Considering the long cable runs I need, ability to upgrade the array and the idle consumption

Would you go for the 240VAC split phase or with the 120VAC?
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Mar 21, 2020
Split-phase AC is really for appliances that run at 240V, like your water heater, electric stove, and well-pumps. It's designed to handle power needs that would require too many amps at only 120V. It's really not designed for transporting the power over great distances.

If you were going to use it for power transmission, you'd need a transformer at the second location to drop the voltage back down to 120V.