Strong sweet smell coming from Keheng 280 cells


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Apr 2, 2021
I would like to ask for opinions from forum members who are very familiar with LifePo cells, as I am not. I ordered 16 new, matched and batched Keheng 280 cells, and one of the boxes containing 4 was destroyed. These 4 are beaten up badly, including the studs that had shorted against each other or something else, leaving them charred and disfigured, and unable to accept a hex nut.

The other 12 were packaged very poorly, also with very little protection. One of the 12 is dented, and all of the studs from these 3 boxes had protruded through the tops of the boxes, but the nuts will still thread onto these.

I haven't capacity tested these, and was planning to just top balance when I get ready to use them.

I have them stored in a large pelican case with dividers between them. They are inside my house. I have kept the case closed for safety reasons as I have a wife and two teenagers. I don't see or feel any liquid on the cells, but when I open the case lid, I smell a strong sweet smell coming from the case.

Is this normal if the case has been closed for hours? The scent disperses after a few seconds. I have removed the 4 damaged ones but the smell remains. I have separated all of the cells, but can't tell where it is coming from?

I'm just wondering if this is normal, or if it is possible that the internals of any of the cells could have been compromised from shipment. The 16 cells have only dropped about .02-.07 volts/each since August 23rd.

Thank you.


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Jul 24, 2020
I have a pack of Sinopoly plastic cased LiFePO4 cells, after a year of use they still have a faint sweet smell. When they were new it was strong.

This smell is typical for the Sinopoly, but not all LiFePO4. It depends on the electrolyte.
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