Sunny Island questions


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Sep 9, 2021
I just moved into a rental house with the following grid tied setup:
96 panels ( 25 Kw) with Enphase micro inverters. 2 Sunny Island 6048 Inverters with 8 Deka batteries. There is a watt meter connected to the mains to read the house load.The owner left me with vague instructions to follow if the grid goes down. Basically he told me to turn off some of the panels to match the house load. I have little electrical or solar knowledge. Can anyone help me with the following questions?1. Is all of the house load supplied by the batteries or is there some pass through from the panels?
2. The Sunny Islands are rated at 5750 watts. Can I run a 4500 watt 240 VA water heater? 3. What happens if I try to draw too much power? 4. How can I tell how much power is required to charge the batteries.