Swipower Xijia 5KVA hybrid inverter 48v


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I apologize in advance if there's already previous discussions about this, but if there are I haven't been able to find them and please give me a link.

Is there any consensus or experiences on using one of these as an all-in-one solution similar to say a Victron Easysolar or similar?

Swipower Xijia 5KW Hybrid Inverter Charger


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A similar device caught my attention the other day, it's the PowMr / Tenmak 3000w Solar Inverter for about $550 which puts it cheaper than either MPP or Growwatts units. I use the same brand of MPPT controllers and I was thinking this might be a fun toy to play with, although I probably wouldn't use it at my camp or for anything critical.

I'm half tempted, next summer when I'm back home off the boat, to see if Will would do a head-to-head against the MPP's and Growwatts he's got in stock if I bought the unit and mailed it to him.

Of course there's the "Totally Not Sketchy At All" Eco-Worthy 3000w AIO unit for about $340 if you're having trouble trying to start that bonfire. :p
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