Switch off Battery Bank??

Nigel Snook

New Member
Nov 18, 2020
Hi have just installed 2 x 4S 280Ah connected in parallel, each with Chargery BMS8T and associated DCC - so far so good 🤞. As a precaution, I have been switching off the BMS when I leave the boat as this drops off the DC Contactors, isolating the cells from the outside world. The problem with this is that my battery monitor, a Xantrex link 10 resets every time I switch off.

One of the features of the Chargery with their DCC are 6 LEDs per battery so it looks like Christmas in my battery compartment. I feel that switching it all off is a desirable feature when leaving the boat, so if I want to retain a battery monitor I must find a better way - the options being to power from before the DCC in a single battery, or even from the engine start lead acid? I would appreciate thoughts and how other's have got over the issue.