diy solar

diy solar

Swollen cells, how much is acceptable and what are the failure modes.

You must be in denial then. Have you been perhaps bamboozled by a seller of such cells?

Why else would you just skip over everything else I said, the standards, the capacity, the DC IR measurements, the manufacturers datasheet itself.

Do car manufacturers declare low air in tires grounds for scrapping the car? No, so what's with the silly comparison?

And no, these do not "deform easily" in transit. None of my 24 Higee cells that are really unused have deformed despite traveling in the same container, being in same local warehouse and arriving by the same local shipper.

Or are you going to tell me what one of the sellers of these said "during travel, bumps in the road make ions excited and that causes swelling"? Only a child would believe this.
Here is a slow discharge capacity result 🤦20240501_092245.jpg

Here is my single cell high current testing and DC IR setup. A DIY resistor set to 18.8miliOhm in a bucket of water.
Using Dl24 set to 1A (18.8milliohm resistor in parallel) for data capture. One can make charts like this: (this at constant R of 0.0188Ohm, Blue is voltage, Orange is amps, bottom axis shows AH. )

It's pretty cool to be able to see exactly how these cells perform.