Tare load/Standby load on the inverters - Choosing a DC vs AC refrigerator?


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As we all evaluate the features and benefits of using an inverter to run loads, balancing using a dc appliance, like a refrigerator is important in a boat, rv, or off grid application.

Seems like on the multi-plus 3k inverter datasheet it consumes 20 watts in standby mode? Is this correct?

So to keep the inverter on, it's 20 watts x 24 hours = 480 wh's of consumption on the battery.

As it relates to my first question, if you have the choice to use an ac refrigerator as the inverter will be on most of the day to run other loads, does it make sense to purchase a dc refrigerator?

When evaluating the cost of a 3.0-4.0 cu ft off-the-shelf ac refrigerator around the USA from the big box stores, they cost around $200. A comparable dc refrigerator costs $800+. The ac unit consumes about 1 kWh per day or so.

Does it make sense to purchase the less expensive ac refrigerator and get more storage (LiPo) to compensate for the difference in consumption?