The Easiest Wind Generator You'll Ever Make


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I have watched quite a few of his videos, his gravity stuff seems fun and useful. 20V what amperage? What type? Ac or dc? Will it do something? Sure. Will it be useful for those outside shore wind speeds?


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And one more thing I've always been told do not get even blades I haven't watched the video yet I will when I have some Wi-Fi

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I happened to watch that too. I did wonder how long those bearings will last, and like Supervstech said, how many amps (well, watts) do we get? Fun to watch though.
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So we get allot of our Wind turbines from a company called GREEN E off of aliexpress .. I am not on that side of the house at all but it seems interesting ... i have watched many of JOHN DANIELS videos on YouTube (he does not seem to like Will nor LiFePO4- LOL) .. but he shares a tremendous amount of knowledge ...


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Total waste of time. I have made similar and they were useless. The swept area is insufficient to get much power. The TSR of PVC blades suck and there isn't enough area at the root for any decent start up speed and the profile is poor. Even if you make it as shown then you have to make a tail and swivel, use brushes to transfer the power, make a tower of some sort for it and a dump load and controller and if you go to all that trouble you will be able to occasionally light and LED or two before it inevitably self destructs.

I built a few wind generators and it ain't easy. If you really want to build one, go to this site and ask questions:

That site is like this place for wind.


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I don’t want to be Mr negative, but I’ve watched an awful lot of Robert Murray Smith videos on YouTube, and although they’re entertaining, thought provoking and educational, I‘ve yet to see him demonstrate anything which is practically useful.

Why do I watch his videos? Because they are splendid entertainment! Just don’t be fooled into thinking what he’s putting out are ideas worth spending time and money on replicating. He’s a lot more about science fair style demos than fully engineered, viable products.

Back on topic, he’s recently put out a series on a roof ventilator to generator conversion. The useable power which such a thing would generate will be tiny!


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He *always* quotes his output in Volts, or mV when the volts are pathetically low. We never get to hear actual outputs in Watts. Success is measured by illuminating an LED or two. He suggests he's inspiring others. I would say it's more like misleading others.
Snake oil.