The Tamyia RC Models "Wild One RC Buggy" upscales to Life Size EV & more fun Light EV stuff


Offgrid Cabineer, N.E. Ontario, Canada
I dunno if anyone here played with RC Models in the day, those that did probably encountered The Tamiya Wild One (what a blast to play with)... Well this has now turned into a Real Driveable EV Ride ! Pre-assembled or Assemble it yourself KIT ! and NOT CRAZY PRICED either.

Link to Little Car Company (Manufacturer)

New Atlas News Writeup

Here is a series of articles which features the "Awesomely Weird Alibaba EV's". Get Ready to be Surprised !

* These are a series of articles by Micah Toll @ Electrek with some very interesting finds, but when you look at other offerings some of these companies have, makes you wonder why none of it is HERE (wherever you are). Gee wiz, we are so behind in innovation, development and production of New, Interesting & "affordable" LEV's and more... The Boat has obviously sailed !