The world’s largest single-site solar farm just came online

Agree. Above 110º is hot no matter what. But 110º in the Oregon desert didn't feel nearly as hot as the 110º we had here in Louisiana this past august.
One good sandstorm will frost up that glass pretty quick I am thinking...
Well I'd say @SamG340 now I realise it works out ONLY 20 panels per house... lol.

But seriously, not sure I'm allowed to say most of them on this forum! 😁
Wazzock is a good one

"He's a right wazzock"
"Stop being such a wazzock"
lol, where the heck does the word wazzock come from?
lol, where the heck does the word wazzock come from?
Upon googling, it's a combination of:

Wazz - as in going for a wazz , a wiz , a pee , to urinate

Pillock - a 1,600s insult meaning penis , much like calling someone a d*ckhead now a days
I've read that a lot of Saudis like to keep their houses around 60 degrees inside, and wear sweaters to stay warm. Yeah, I've read a lot of things on the interwebs, but that was from an article on a reputable site. Anyway, 20 panels per house seems like a low number to me. We have 22 and no air conditioning.
In the African dessert ( Sahara) ? Good luck with that