This seems way too good to be true ... 420ah from a "normal size" LifePO4 cell


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Ive seen a number of people on FB forums linking to these supposed 420AH batteries, including some well informed posters. I always point out the fact that the physical size and weight of those fake 420AH cells are precisely the same as well known 280AH cells. Always check the size and weight as there is no way to create a battery with 50% more capacity in the same size and weight.

Of course, if its too good to be true, it always is not true, 100% of the time IMHO


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Below is a quote from the only 1 star review and most likely the only legit review:

Gathered my cells for a battery - could not understand that it did not last any longer That's why I did a Capability Test Where it turned out that the battery cells "all four cells" had capacity: 240 to 246 Ah I bought cells that should have had a capacity: 420 Ah This is very disappointing and frustrating when I was expecting to buy a good product with the capacity specified in the description seller promised class A and new cells on capacity: 420 Ah Sincerely
, Jan 29 Aug 2021 03:17

Dave (Boog)

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I am sorry that anyone got cheated. That said, the old saying "Buyer beware" is appropriate here. There is no way that anyone could make and sell a 420 ah cell for the price that the buyers of those cells paid. A little common sense would tell you that if the cell weight was virtually identical to a 280 ah cell, then it could not be 420 ah and still have the same chemistry as a normal lifepo4 cell. Next time before you send thousands of dollars to a Chinese company for cells, do some basic research and find out if others have bought successfully from same company and have had good results!


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Let us know how the dispute process goes. A friend of mine saw these and wanted to buy them too. I told him that there is no way in hell the exact same size and weight (compared to 280AH eve cells) could produce 420AH.
If you look at the terminals, I suspect they would melt with 1C discharge. I will highly recommend that a boycot of is in order. It will be tough on the honest venders, but hopefully will get the message.