Tips on building a smartdrive generator?


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Dec 26, 2021
Im looking at building a generator using a stator from a fisher and paykel smartdrive washing machine.
Wiring up this to a bridge rectifier and MPPT controller will be the easy bit, but im more concerned about the actual turbine design and head pressure.
I can get 40M of head pressure easily enough, but could get more if i used a longer pipe and took it up stream further.
We have a stream that has a reasonable flow most of the year, plenty enough to submerge a pipe and feed down hill to a turbine.
Ive seen a youtuber make a similar system, he has quite a large pipe, but would 32mm HDPE pipe work OK? His nozzle diameter on the pelton wheel was maybe about 10mm, just your typical garden hose fitting was all he used, so I dont see any benefits in using a fatter pipe when the nozzle restricts the flow.
Are there any turbines that can connect straight to the pipe, or just go with a pelton wheel?
Im looking to see if there are any 3D printed designs that could be used. Am told that 1500RPM is the sweet spot these smartdrive stators like to generate power at.
Thanks for any advice, this should give my battery bank an extra 500W if done right which would be helpful over the winter months when there is little sun.