To our Aussie Solies

It is clearly home made, so without schematics it is really hard to tell. However, here is my speculation:
1)it looks like it is wired to the solar charge controller and or the DC-DC charger so my guess is that is used to monitor charge current from those devices.
2) The photo is blurry, but it looks like one of the meters says 'Volts' and the other says 'Ampere' so it probably can display amps and volts from the device(s).
3) There is a small circuit breaker (Middle left). I assume this is for the charge current.
4) It is hard to guess what the switches do. Maybe one of them will select between the DC-DC charger and the inverter..?? Maybe the other one turns the charge current on/off...??
I don’t think that the air pressure regulator is part of the electronics. Seems like the air regulator could also be a moisture trap and then it feeds out to a pressure hose — maybe for spray painting or mobile workshop ? Possibly the electronics part of this is for solar / battery charger and runs , amongst other things , a compressor that feeds the air ?
I think you are correct in that the SCC and DC/DC outputs are combined and fed into the box and the Brad Harrison on the right feeds the battery.
Fire extinguisher present in case things go tits up ;)
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Is this in a vehicle?

My guess is that the Orion (DC-DC charger) is used to charge some 'house' battery from the vehicles alternator, the blue box in the middle is a Solar Charge Controller to charge probably the same 'house' battery from PV and box with the meters is just a visual indication of the 'house' battery voltage and charge current.

What do I win if I'm right?