Tools Wiki Entry Review


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Sep 20, 2019
Key Largo
I was editing the DIY Solar Installation Checklist with comments from HRTKD about tools, and got an automatic link to a "Useful Tools" entry that was started by upnorthandpersonal over a year ago.

I expected to see all sorts of cool tools on the page (digital volt-meter, MC4 Disconnector tool, wire strippers, crimpers, etc). Instead, I found a bunch of useful software tools. Pfft!

Software tools are really useful and great to have listed on the wiki... but, I think we need more.

If anyone wants to provide write-up blurbs for their must-have/can't live without tools are, I'd be happy to edit and re-organize the page. Don't make them specific links or recommendations (those change with time, see Writing Wiki Entries), essentially a name for the type of tool, what it does, and why it's essential or at least nice-to-have. Or, for you forum experts out there more than qualified to be moderators (but don't want to be), think about asking Will for wiki entry editing privileges and be a DIYer!
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