Toy hauler mounted electric car charger


New Member
Mar 12, 2021
So I want to do an array in my backyard to charge some batteries to charge my car at night. I also wanted to add solar to my toy hauler. So, I have been tossing around the idea of combining the two projects. I am still in the brainstorming phase and want to get some opinions to make sure I don't miss anything and make sure it seems feasible.

My wants- be able to run my 16amp level 1 charger when the trailer is parked and run the rv ac when I am out camping.

Equipment plan- 4-400ish watt panels, LV2424 all in one converter, 8-280ah lithium cells (≈7kWh of battery), 24v to 12v converter, wires and fuses.

Potential issues- 1) I use about 8kWh most days for my car, after losses I am only planning on getting about 6kWh from the system when the battery is full offsetting 75% of my cars consumption. 2) Will an LV2424 be able to start a 15k btu a/c without a soft start? 3) What can I do for semi permanent wiring to get power from my garage to the all-in-one in the trailer and back to my charger in the garage?