Trace/Xantrex SW Series from “back in the day”, as Will would say.


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Sep 4, 2021
I have an old Trace/Xantrex SW2512 Inverter/Charger. I would like to know the best settings and understand those settings for the new LiFePo4 batteries.

This is not the newer Schneider Conext SW series, but an original by Trace from the last millennium.

Complete system is:
6 Kyocera KC120-1 panels on a flat roof to a
Trace C40 Charge/Load controller, (not currently connected to new batteries)
The Trace SW2512 Inverter/Charger with 4.01 software.

all of the above from 1997.

and two new 12.8V 206Ah SOK batteries.

I will be using the system in an effort to lessen the effect of the California power outages on my refrigerator and freezer. These two cooling devices and a 20” box fan are the only devices that will be powered.

During a recent outage I had jumper cables between my running truck and two old automotive batteries connected to the inverter. So I know the inverter can handle the load I wish to power.

The SOK battery company has given me a Bulk charge voltage of 14.6V and an Absorption time of two hours for my two batteries and a recommended charge rate of 40A per battery. These are programmed into the SW2512 and seem to be working (with a few particularities). The CSR Rep at SOK has no familiarization with my antiquated equipment.

Now on to my specific questions:
Is anyone using LiFePo4 batteries with the Trace SW series?
What settings are you using?
If so what idiosyncrasies have you encountered?

Same questions for the Trace C40 Charge Controller?

I am currently running in Silent mode which provides no Float battery charging. When I get the Trace C40 Charge Controller set up that will provide the Float charge, or so that is my theory.

The Bulk charging timer is disabled, so I have to manually initiate a Bulk and Absorption charge cycle. These are precautionary settings as I do not wish to damage these batteries.

Other settings to note:
Low battery cut out 11.5V
Low battery cut out delay 15Min.
Low battery cut in 12V
Bulk charge 14.6V
Absorption time 2:00 hours
Equalizing disabled
Maximum charge amps AC is 8Amps which approximates a DC 64Amps charge rate.
No temperature compensation is connected.

Thanks for any appropriate comments.