Turn off Bluetti AC200P when solar cable is plugged in?


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Oct 18, 2021
Hey guys,
I'm using 2x Ective MSP 190S solar panels + a Bluetti/Poweroak AC200P in my camper van. Two things I would like to ask:

Is it intended that the AC200P can't be turned off if the solar cable is plugged in?
If the answer is yes: Why? And is it possible to somehow at least turn off the display light with a new firmware?

Especially during night times when there's obviously no sun at all, I would like to turn off the AC200P by pressing the power button instead of unplugging the solar cable. Without unplugging the cable and leaving it turned on, the AC200P lost about 3% over night.

Last but not least a perhaps dumb question: Do I have to fear any issues when (un)plugging the solar cable while the AC200P is running (I mean I have no other chance when I want to turn it off).

Thanks a lot for any feedback!


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Aug 8, 2021
Also have the ac200p, no with solar plugged in it will not turn off. I have noticed though if I wait until dark and the panels get 0 volts consistently and can power the unit off without removing the solar charge connector, then when I wake up in the morning it's back on so as soon as it start to receive power it comes back on. I've removed the solar cable multiple times without issue, just make sure your hands are dry and your not holding other metal objects - it does seem wrong just to unplug it while volts are coming and one thing you could do is switch the input mode to car instead of PV that way you won't have voltage going in to the battery, I'm not sure that is necessary but I agree sure would like to see some upgrades with this battery.