turning regen into generating


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hi guys and gals
i am looking into a major task of taking a tesla model 3/Y motor(not sure front/rear yet) but instead of using it to push motion i want to use it to push power into a battery bank(250 kwh)(inverting from 240 volts to 100kv(3 phase)) inside a trailer (reverse regen) but i also want to know some pros and cons but in addition i want a switch that can work with the trailer motor to send power back to motor if i need extra push power or traction issues

yes i'm crazy but i have a challenge to complete


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Yeah, that sure does sound crazy.

Is this tesla motor connected to the trailer tires? So, you are going to pull the trailer around burning tons of fuel to inefficiency make 100,000 v 3-phase?

Or do you want to use the tesla motor as some sort of phase converter?

Also, you have 240 volts for your pack voltage? Tesla runs its packs at ~400 vdc