two 655W Canadian Solar with Bl AC200 Max?


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Feb 28, 2022
I'm looking for advice regarding my 1st set up, one 655W panel facing south, one 655W facing north, shallow roof pitch on my shed.

connected in series is over-panelled, yet NMOT is 489W, 35.6Vmp, 13.75A, 42.6Voc each. Do I understand correctly I might have a problem charging Bl AC200 max due to 35V battery charging requirement? I am not sure which third panel should I use to boost Voltage, if any.

Should I abandon the idea of 2 x 655W and choose 3 x 415W ? NMOT is 310W, 35.2Vmp, 8.81A, 42.4Voc each. I would have to make a stand for 3rd panel on the ground, maybe facing SE to get a boost from morning sun. no East direction available. My house casts shadow till about 10.30 am.

in south-east UK, no shade in the garden.
Your help is greatly appreciated.