Type 66 vs 71 - Plate says LF280 on 66 - and Model LF280N on the 71


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Apr 19, 2021
Excited to receive my EVE cells today.

For those wondering about Cells via the LA and Long Beach ports --- it was a while. 3 months and 11 days - payment to door.

Payment 7-3-2021
To Logistics Agent PRC 7-18-2021 +15 days
Ship leaves Yantian PRC 8-29-2021 +1 month 11 days (probably blanked voyage / common these days)
Ship in Temp Parking 9-16-2021 +18 days
Ship Moored 9-22-2021 + 6 days port parking lot
Fedex tendered 10-9-2021 + 17 days - unloaded, customs cleared, available to forwarder, forward
Fedex delivery 10-14-2021 +5 days

Shipping from Luyuan seemed quite good on the 280AH EVE cells - quite a lot of foam.

On the 105AH cells - one cell had small nick in the blue insulator near edge of electrode and white top insulator slightly torn --- very small 1-2 mm^2 and just kapton taped it.

On the Type 61 vs Type 71 front. The QR plate on the Type 61 says "LF280" and on the Type 71 says "LF280N" . Hope the EVE engineers are being truthful with Amy as admittedly, they/EVE are the one's who assigned an "N" and called it a new model -- and later added a "K" and called it a new model. Then apparently sold them as #500 cell binned to Amy as fully matched. Oddly there is an admonition on mixing "K" with "N" but apparently not with "null" to "N" model numbers.

In any case - happy to have cells here. I've asked Amy to inquire with EVE engineers one more time -- is the LF280 and LF280N truly exactly the same. Just trying to avoid headaches 2 years down the road. While I don't have a great deal of free time or test equipment - remain open to ad-hoc testing ideas. My hope was Chargery BMS8T would let me monitor for voltage deviations at various points in the discharge cycle.

My primary purpose here was sharing the ship arrival to ship mooring views - to help everyone waiting get a sense on the port delays.


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May 12, 2021
How did you get boat info? I was only given FedEx #.

Thanks for the rundown.