Upgrade lifepo4 battery from 200ah to 400 ah or 12v to 24 v


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Mar 8, 2021

I built a 200 ah battery pack with smart bms Daly 4S 12v 250a and 200 ah cells
I done it using this forum and the great video's.
I have it in my campervan project and it works great and even has low temp cut off.

But want to go without gasstove and need a bigger battery for induction cooking. I think of going with 24 volts as I can change to 24 volts still quite easily.

Could I just buy additioneel 200 ah 3.2v cells and a new 8s 24v BMS, top balance the 8 cells and start using it?

Or best go with additioneel new cells in parallel with 4s 12 v?

Or sell and start from scratch?

Best tip, if you have the money, build bigger from the start. I Also have to buy a new invertor....


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Oct 29, 2019
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If you can get the Same IDENTICAL 200AH cells then I would order 4 more and build it into a 24V/200AH pack.
You could build another 12V/200AH and put it into SERIES for 24V/200AH but you have to be certain the BMS' can handle that, many cannot.
Batteries in Parallel increase Amp Hours Stored. Batteries in Series only increase the Voltage, not the best option.