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Urgent question, re: compatible panels (total amps) with different power stations


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Mar 26, 2024
Hi. I'm brand spanking new here. I have two 100 W flexible panels on top of my mini-campervan, which I've used with a Jackery 500 (530 Wh) for a couple years now. Finally decided that I need more power, and just bought a Bluetti AC180 (1152 Wh). Meanwhile I also have a Renogy 100w portable panel I've used when I wanna park my van in the shade but get power via this panel on an extension cord. I stumbled upon an 8 mm splitter and finally decided to chance it and plug both the Renogy and the two parallel'd panels into it and feed that into the Bluetti. The result is that I basically doubled my wattage intake, which was awesome. Seems to work just fine.

The problem is that I am really not very satisfied with the Bluetti, due to its internal power consumption of 15w, which really sucks a lot of power on a constant basis, and generally doesn't jive well with my light loads lifestyle. So now I'm looking at a Grecell 1000w power station. But it accepts a lower amp limit, so I am worried about possibly blowing out the solar controller. While I've certainly read a fair bit about solar, and amps, volts, and watts etc, some of it still just goes over my head. Below are the specs for these different solar instruments of mind I've just mentioned. Based on this, can someone tell me whether I've been playing with fire with the Bluetti, or if it's fine and I'd be fine too with using these 3 panels together with the Grecell unit? I've got a very short window of time in which I can essentially return the Bluetti and get the Grecell. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Topsolar panels

100W 24V/12V Monocrystalline Bendable, 100 watt / 12 volt = 8.33 Amp output. Voc of the TopSolar panel is a bit over 22 volts.


Max Power at STC: 100 W

Open Circuit Voltage: 23.40V

Short Circuit Current: 5.26A

Optimum Operating Voltage: 20.16V

Optimum Operating Current: 4.96A

Cell Efficiency: >23.5%

Bluetti 180 power station,
12V-60V, Input current 10A 500w max

Grecell T1000 power station
Voltage of solar panels allowed is 12-26V, 8A 155W (Max). So for our 1000w power station, 60W/80W/100W/120W/150W/200W solar panel is supported
15W idle consumption if that's the case for the ac180l really isn't too bad at all. My 48/1200 inverter has something like 12W idle and I think that's considered best in class.

What is the idle consumption of the Grecell T1000?it may end up being more.
Hi Brucey. I appreciate the reply, and it's definitely food for thought, and had me pirouette into different crannies of research the past hour or so. Still, the main thrust of my post is really wanting to know if I can use my panels in the mentioned combination on the Grecell just like I've done with the Bluetti. It's getting down to the wire, hours in fact. If you have any input on this whatsoever, I'm all ears and would be grateful. I might have no one else to turn to 🥴.
You could parallel the two flexible panels. You should get more production thru the day, even though it may max out at 8A input during peak sun.
The two 100w monocrystaline flexible rooftop panels are in parallel. And, using the Karlkers 8mm parallel Y branch cable, they are also connected (when need be) in parallel to the 100w foldable Renogy panel. Lately I get 140w average (75w with angled Renogy, 80w via two cheaper-quality flat roof panels - 15w is lost using the Y splitter cable) in full sun all combined within the Bluetti. The question is, based on the stats I pasted, would the Grecell be able to handle this same input load without messing up its charge controller? And, am I presently compromising the Bluetti in the same way, even though everything seems to work fine so far in the above-mentioned configuration?
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