USB-c PD. 100 watt for DIY solar generator?


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Any tips on where one can find a surface mountable USB-c PD 100 watt to install into the DIY solar generator I’m building?

I’m building in a portable box so I’m looking for something where the external plug is something like the attached photos — ideally mounted in a round hole.

if there’s an additional “box“ of electronics (akin to a buck boost converter) that would go inside my box thst would be fine, as long as the plug part can be surface mounted similar to photos.

my system is 12v, 2.7 kwh usable


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Was this to power a laptop, did you get it working?

From what I've read so far, it looks like a 24v system would be better suited to providing 100w USB PD. (20v x 5A)


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Also interested in this- do you have any details on the 100W car charger? I've not been able to find anything.


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I just posted this thread in part because it's a build with 25W USB-A and 90W USB-C charging capabilities.



idk the model numbers but the build quality looks promising