Using 1 bms for 4s3p configuration


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Hello! I want to learn about if it's ok to use one bms for my combination of cells. I got 12 winston 100ah, 3,3v Lifeypo4 cells. I'm now top balancing them. Afterwards I want to make a 12volt batterypack of 300 ah,. I got one (250A)4s daily bms and whant to make a 4s3p configuration. Now I read it's not good to use just 1 bms for this pack. Somebody has experience with this combination? Does it disbalance the cellgroups? Somebody told me to use just 8 cells to get a better balance with 1 bms... Thanks for the info!


No, you can't use a 4s BMS for a 4s3p configuration. However, if it was 3p4s then you could use one BMS. It's not what I would do, but there are a few forum members doing it that way.