using multiple 4s/12v BMS in series for 48V battery

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QUESTION: Anyone know/try if the ubiquitous 4s/12v BMS (from JiaBaiDa brand, xiaoxiang, china mfg, etc) can handle being placed (4x) SERIES to 48V battery bank?

Check the advertising that specifically states their 150 amp model supports 4 in series for 48v. They have told me when asked that the 120 amp model does as well.

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Just checked it, but the mosfets listed in the bom you posted from JBD only shows 30V max Vds. See their fet HY4903B
Then don't. I personally don't read Chinese, and thus can't find every data sheet. They tell me the 100, 120, and 150 amp are rated for 80v. I believe them.

The BOM is from the 200 amp that I have not asked about. Maybe you should?