using victron IP22 smart charger (30 amp) as a RV converter charger ?

big jerr

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hi all, newbe with a question on using a victron IP22 110v smart charger as or inplace of my RV converter in newer RV ?

first we have 400 watts of roof solar, 100/30 victron MPPT charger , victron battery minder for low temp shut down and a 200AMP chin lithium with a 2200 watt inverter.

the victron IP22 110v charger can charge lithium @ 30 amp or 15 amp selectable and also has a setting for converter or charger mode, right now I use as 110 ac charging lith.ion battery when on shore/generator when we need to boost the battery due to insufficient solar to use ratio. say once a week. WE HAVE the RV converter off so 12 v runs on battery only even when on shore/generator where the IP22 charger is used and set to 30 amp charge .

This set up seems to work great so thinking of removing the existing rv charger/converter and installing the IP22 in old converter hole in electrical/power panel spot.

I should probably consult victron too, as the IP22 does put out some heat when set on 30 amp charge , Any thoughts on this or cautions ?? ???
thanks Jerr


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Most converters are around 55A, so that falls a bit short, but it's probably more efficient than your typical RV converter (85%).

Aside from the current limitation, I don't see an issue.

Concerning the heat, make sure the installation complies with the manual.