Victron BMV Power Consumption Aggregation?


My system is still very new to me and I have yet to figure out all the fiddly bits. When my trailer is out camping, I'm either outside doing something (hiking, biking, fishing, hunting, trail riding, etc) or inside eating or sleeping. I didn't setup a solar system so I could sit there and watch numbers on my phone app.

One question I have is, "Does the Victron BMV-712 aggregate power consumption?" What I mean by this is that the BMV is - obviously - tracking current coming out of the batteries through the shunt. I can also see that my solar panels are pushing current into the system through the two Victron 100/50 solar charge controllers. But if the current coming in from the solar is enough to satisfy the load (thus never going across the BMV's shunt), does the BMV take that into account when I look for a "Total Power Consumption" number?


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No. The BMV looks only at the net current flow to/from the battery. It has no info on PV used to power loads directly.

It and other Victron devices coupled with a GX device can readily parse out anything you want to know. VRM kWh download reports kWh to and from grid, grid to loads, kWh from genny to loads and to charge, kWh from battery to loads, kWh of panels to loads, kWh of panels to battery,

Your total power consumption is essentially your daily 100/50 kWh harvest assuming your batteries are fully charged.

MPPT (around 6-7kWh):


BMV (-0.3Ah):



I figured since the BMV and the two Victron solar charge controllers were networked together there might be some aggregation.


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BMV is just suppling OCV and temp.

Each device's features are limited to its primary purpose:

BMV supplies battery voltage, current and temp information
MPPT supplies PV charge information.
Multiplus/Quattro supplies DC in, AC in and AC out info.

GX takes all the above and does the math that breaks it down into all the mentioned data points.

Without the GX/VRM, you have to do the math, but the MPPT daily harvest + the net Ah consumed reported by the BMV at less than 100% SoC is a pretty accurate snapshot of your consumption since midnight.