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Victron DCDC 12/12-30 charger no bluetooth on new install

That's perfect. It'll only get you 400w but you can add more in parallel if you want more output.
Okay I'll set it at the proper voltage for now. What would be your choice for a DCDC charger with 400 AH?
The one I have now is a 12/12-30 Orion-TR DC/DC isolated converter.
And yes it's just for alternator protection although I'm not sure it's needed. Alternator output at idle is 185 and max is 275
Have a proper charger I could use if needed at times, solar is very minimal and would be next upgrade if I survive this one.
Thanks all
If the Orion is your main method of charging you'll definitely want something more robust like around 100A.

I charge my 200ah battery directly from the alternator via the starter battery and a relay. I'm not usually driving for hours at a time so it's a good way for me to rapidly charge. Haven't had any problems doing that for 3 years or so with a Ram Promaster, but all vehicles are different. So definitely want to do some research if you think you want to go down that route. Mostly you want to make sure the voltage and current your alternator outputs is tolerable.

In my experience wire size and resistance will limit the current. When I upgraded my busbars I went from 50-60A to 80-90A with the same wiring. Never had any problems with things getting hot or blowing fuses.

But a DC-DC charger is a very safe bet, just kind of spendy to get up to a reasonable charge rate for your battery.
Okay so I swapped it out for a DCDC smart charger. Everything seems just fine wiring wise but it doesn't charge while driving. Charging off generator and shore power but not alternator. Believe it's in my settings but not sure, have them listed below.
on charger
charger enabled
absorption at 14.4
float at 13.6
bulk time at 10 hr
re-bulk volts at .10
Shut down
start voltage at 13.9
delayed start at 13.8
delays start delay at 120 min
shutdown at 13.5
Input voltage lock out at 12.5 to 12.8
Do I need to change any of these parameters for charger to work?
Thanks all
Breakout the voltmeter and check the input and out voltage at the device. My bet is you're not at 13.9 on the input. I'd also turn off all the settings or set very low to make sure charging works. 13.9 is high start voltage.

It's possible the output is too low to charge at 13.6 after cable losses to the battery. What's your bulk charge voltage for the battery 14.6?

If the charger is outputting 13.6 it's not charging the battery just absorbing the load. I don't have smart DC DC chargers so set mine to 14.2ish and it'll charge the battery when it was 13.5ish it just took the load unless battery was below 60% or so.