Victron smart battery sense


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Confirm the video from Will it looks like the Victron smart battery sense only works for low temperature, is that so ?
I thought it was also for overcharging by the MPPT ?
I build my 280Ah LFP and want to use my existing MPPT 75/15 but I don´t have the smart battery sense so I don´t know if I need one ?


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Smart battery sense is for providing direct open circuit voltage and temperature of the attached battery via bluetooth.

A victron MPPT w/o a direct temperature sensor (smart sense or BMV or smart shunt) can only rely on its internal temperature sensor. It takes a "snapshot" of the temperature when it starts charging and assumes that temperature throughout the day at least for temperature compensation for lead-acid. It MAY have the smarts to cut charging if low-temp protection is enabled and the temperature drops later in the day.

If you have a bluetooth MPPT, I heartily recommend a smart sense. I have one, and I love it. The only downside is it can't feed loggable data to VRM. It's just not supported.


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Thanks (y)
I thought the sense also protect overcharging from the MPPT but that is not so, therefor I must trust the BMS ;)😀
In practise there is no difference between the black or bleu version just the BT distance ?